Rigid Riser Telescopic Shower Set Concealed Inlet Rainshower and Handset Square

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Rigid Riser Telescopic Shower Set Concealed Inlet Water Supply with Overhead Rainshower and Handshower - Square Design

Rigid Riser has a high quality polished Chrome finish on Brass.
Concealed inlet water supply (built in wall outlet elbow) for connection to a mixed water supply from a concealed shower mixer (not included).
Diverter for selection between either Overhead Rainshower or Handshower.
Overhead Rainshower is on the telescopic riser pole to make easy to set the height of the overhead shower during installation, it can be adjusted at a later date but not whilst showering.
Handshower can be tilted forward or back and lifted out of its holder to use as a hand held shower, there is NO up or down sliding adjustment for the holder.
Recommended minimum water pressure 0.5 bar.
Square Design S14 - 300mm x 180mm Overhead Rainshower with rub clean nozzles - Chrome on Brass.
Flova Solid Brass Hand Shower Single Function  - Chrome Brass
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