Water Saving Shower Flow Regulator Adaptor for Hand Shower or Shower Head 8 LPM

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Water Saving Flow Restrictor for Hand Shower or Shower Head with 8 LPM (Litre Per Minute) Flow Limiter.

Reduces the amount of water used by a Shower Head on High Pressure Systems above 1 bar.

Consisting of:

1 – Flow Restrictor Housing - Chrome on Brass 1/2 x 1/2 male/female adaptor.

1 – BLUE  8 litre flow restrictor.

1 – Flow Restrictor Washer 19mm outside diameter, 12mm inside diameter, 3mm thick.

Easily fitted on a mixer shower:

Between Shower Head and Shower Arm.

Between Shower Hose and the Shower Hose connection on Exposed Shower Mixer or the Wall Outlet of a Concealed Shower.

  • Up to 50% saving in water usage can be made depending on the existing Shower being used.
  • It is not only the Water that is saved but the Cost of the energy used to heat less water.
  •  30% and upwards of the heating bill goes to heating the hot water.

    We can help to bring it down!

  • Using less energy reduces the amount of Greenhouse Gases produced and fuel bills.
  • 8 litre BLUE flow restrictor
  • Flow restrictors fit in the specially designed recess in the 1/2 connection.
  • Flow Restrictor Washer supplied goes on top of flow restrictor in 1/2  to form seal.
  • 1/2  connection fits all standard Shower Arms.
  • 1/2  connection fits all standard Wall Outlets used with Concealed Showers.
  • 1/2  connection fits all standard Shower Hose connections on Exposed Showers.
Dimensions for 1/2 BSP :  
Female (socket) 1/2 BSP thread measures 19mm across. 
Male 1/2 BSP thread measures 21mm across (diameter).

Please note: Water saving flow restrictors or Water Saving Shower Heads are NOT suitable for use with Electric Showers* or Power Showers (Shower Pumps)**.

*Electric Showers restrict the water flow to heat water so they already are water efficient.

**Power Showers (Shower Pumps) require a certain flow of water to switch them on, check with the pump manufacturer for suitable ways to save water.

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