Water Saving Tap Insert Neoperl Cascade Aerator SLC PCA 5L/min Rub Clean

Product no.: Neoperl Aerator Standard 5L - 92055 ORANGE

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Water Saving Tap Insert Neoperl Cascade Aerator SLC PCA 5 L/min 

 Rub Clean Ideal for Hard Water Areas (SLC).

Save Water - Save Energy - Save Money.

Just fit a water saving aerator in your mixer tap spout and start saving now!

Changing the Tap Insert or Aerator inside the Washbasin Mixer Spout to an Aerator with a Water Saving flow restriction of 5 Litres per minute can save over 12 Litres per minute with out any visible difference in flow.

Features of the Neoperl Cascade Aerator SLC PCA 5L/min:

Colour Code - Orange 5 L/min

SLC - Smart Lime Cleaning, used in the highest specification Taps for easy cleaning  limescale builds.

PCA - Pressure Compensting Aerator ensures a maximum flow 5 litres per minute.

Size STD - Standard 20mm diameter.

AECB Good Practice Water Saving Standard for Green Homes:


Flow rate of 5 litres per minute is recommended for Washbasin and Bidet Mixer Taps.

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