Eco Water Saving Hydro Venturi Turbo Super Saver Hand Shower Head

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Water Saving Hydro Venturi Turbo Super Saver Hand Shower / Head / Handset 4063

Experience an Exhilarating Shower whilst Saving Water and Money!!!

The Venturi Effect built into this Hand Shower speeds up the flow of water to give an exhilarating aerated spray shower at the same time it reduces the volume of water used.

Venturi Shower Head delivers on average 7 litres per minute at high pressure.

  • Up to 50% saving in water usage can be made depending on the existing Shower being used.
  • It is not only the Water that is saved but the Cost of the energy used to heat the water.
  • Using less energy reduces the amount of Greenhouse Gases produced and fuel bills.
  • Minimum 0.5 Bar water pressure required (High Pressure).
  • Chrome Plated finish on ABS body.
  • 1/2  connection fits all standard Shower Hoses.

Please note: Water saving flow restrictors or Water Saving Shower Heads are NOT suitable for use with Electric Showers* or Power Showers (Shower Pumps)**.

*Electric Showers restrict the water flow to heat water so they already are water efficient.

**Power Showers (Shower Pumps) require a certain flow of water to switch them on, check with the pump manufacturer for suitable ways to save water.

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