Neoperl Tap Insert Size TJ Tiny Junior 17mm Diameter Perlator Honeycomb Aerator

Product no.: Neoperl Aerator - Size TJ - 92060 - DARK BLUE

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Neoperl Tap Insert Size TJ Junior 17mm Diameter Perlator Honeycomb Aerator unrestricted flow.


Improved lime protection: integrated HONEYCOMB structure replaces conventional wire mesh screens prone to lime build-up.

  • extended life
  • perfect stream quality even under difficult flow conditions
  • very low noise level
  • damage proof: unlike conventional wire mesh screens, the HONEYCOMB structure can not be crushed
  • integrated anti-clogging dome screen filters sediments and particles

Colour Code - Dark Blue (un-restricted flow)

Size TJ - TINY JUNIOR 17mm

Top Lip Dark Blue 17.1 mm diameter this where the washer fits.

Body Diameter 16.1mm.

Bottom Lip 14.7mm diameter

Body Height 11.2mm 

Supplied with Washer 17mm Diameter.

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