Flova IXIA Shower Diverter Cartridge

Product no.: SP 9102 Ixia Type 2 Diverter Cartridge

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Flova used a universal 3 Way Diverter for Concealed 2 and 3 outlets and Exposed 2 outlet Showers.

Flova / Ixia Concealed Showers : Diverter diverts up to 3 outlets 

When the concealed shower only required 2 outlets one of the shower valve outlets was fitted with an 1/2 plug.
Diverter features a raised locating lug (key) that fits in a slot on the shower body.

Diverter operation, turn to select the required outlet also controls flow of water to the outlet.

35mm diameter diverter body.

Handle Post 33mm high.

Cartridge length 73.8mm from top of handle post

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