Bath Mixer Tap Spout Insert Improve/ Increase Water Flow Straightener 25mm Diameter

Product no.: Tap Insert TUB FILLER 92009 + WASHER

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Bath Mixer Tap Spout or Wall Spout Insert Water Flow Straightener - unrestricted flow.

Minimal water flow restriction improves water flow on low Pressure Plumbing Systems.

Replacing an old Mixer Tap Aerator Insert in your Mixer Tap Spout will improve volume of the water flow. 

Size Tub Filler: Flova/Ixia Bath Mixers, Spouts and Swivel spout bath fillers (check size because some  spouts use Standard Insert 21mm diameter which are available in our ebay shop).


25.4mm Top lip diameter 

24mm bottom (body) diameter

15mm Deep (for overall depth add thickness of washer).

Supplied with rubber washer - 25mm outside diameter, 19mm inside diameter, 3mm thick.

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