Ixia Water Saving Shower Flow Reducer - 7L with Locator 1/2 Silicone Washer

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Water Saving Made Easy can be fitted in just seconds! Watch our Youtube video below. 

Simply fits in Shower Hose or Shower Head

The simplest and easiest way to start saving water and money!

IXIA Water Saving Shower Flow Reducer / Flow Restrictor / Flow Limiter - With Locator Washer 7 Litre per minute - Flow Rate Code: Green  

The flexible turbine locator fits in the shower head allowing you to use both hands to easily screw the shower head onto the shower hose or shower connection arm.

The Flow Reducer with high quality Silicone washer housing that simply fits in the ½ inch connection between Hand Shower and Shower Hose or between Over Head Shower and Shower Arm.

Dual function of this water saving shower flow reducer and flow regulator is to save water and seal the water connection without additional washers.

A major added benefit is the even distribution of water to each shower in the property.

Also, easy and quick into install in an existing shower without any visible change to the shower.

Average Water Flow Rate: 7L/Min at 2.5 to 3.5 bar water pressure.

Start saving water, energy and money today!

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Water Saving Washers available:

Flat 5 Litre per minute replacement washer 

Flat 7 Litre per minute replacement washer 

Please note: Water saving flow restrictors or Water Saving Shower Heads are NOT suitable for use with Electric Showers* or Power Showers (Shower Pumps)**.

*Electric Showers restrict the water flow to heat water so they already are water efficient.

**Power Showers (Shower Pumps) require a certain flow of water to switch them on, check with the pump manufacturer for suitable ways to save water.

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